Sample Discipline Policy

There are many forms of discipline. The National Safety Code does not recommend any one way. It just says you must have one in place, in writing. Your driver policies can include:

  • suspending the driver from driving if they drive poorly or do not follow your policies.
  • ensuring that drivers who are not fully trained are sent to complete training.

How you design your disciplinary policy is up to you. What we really want to stress is that your disciplinary policy must be remedial and progressive.

One Example of a Progressive Discipline Policy

• first violation = verbal warning;
• second violation = written warning;
• third violation = mandatory training;
• fourth violation = 3 day suspension;
• fifth violation = termination.

Important: In all cases, your driver must acknowledge receipt of the discipline action by way of a signature and date.

Offer Incentives

On the flip side, some carriers offer incentives for violation-free driving periods. For example: If you have no violations in a year = $1000.00 bonus.