Deal Breakers on the Abstract

Tip: When NSC is reviewing an application for a Safety Certificate, they do not accept an application where the driver has 4 or more pointable offenses in the last 2 years, or a criminal code conviction in the last 3 years.

Beware of abstracts that show:

  • a drivers licence status other than normal
  • the drivers licence class is NOT applicable to your type of business
  • too many penalties
  • > 4 tickets with penalty points in the past 2 years
  • any motor vehicle-related Criminal Code convictions in the past 3 years

You should consider not hiring a driver with a:

  • history of many accidents
  • history of substance abuse related convictions
  • poor report from a past employee

Tip: Call past employers. It is easier not to hire a problem driver than fire one later.