Supporting Documents

Supporting documents are used to verify logbook entries. It is in the driver’s best interest to have any and all supporting documents that can act as proof of their logbook entries. This is really important if an entry is ever in question.

These are not optional documents. Your driver can’t say, for example, that the shipper didn’t provide a form, so they don’t have any documents to support their logs. The driver is still required to have proof of their logbook entries. You, as the carrier, will be held accountable if an inspector questions log entries and you do not have supporting documents to prove those entries are correct.

What counts as supporting documents?

  • receipt for fuel with the date and time printed on it (time-stamped)
  • bills of lading
  • shipping documents
  • interchange receipts
  • accommodation receipts
  • meal receipts
  • toll payments
  • payroll records
  • mill slips
  • encounter data from Weigh2GoBC
  • violation tickets
  • roadside inspections, CVSA
  • any document or record received in the course of a trip that supports the driver’s log book entries.

Note: Will your drivers have a co-driver for any of the period covered by the log entries not yet submitted? If so, they need a copy of the co-driver’s logbook to support their own daily log entries.

Tip:Attach all supporting documents to the log sheet they support before you file them, or keep them in a trip envelope.