Does Your Driver Use a Sleeper Berth?

There are special rules for driving with off-duty time in a sleeper berth. Your drivers can record time as “off-duty in a sleeper berth” if they spend the time resting in the sleeper berth.

Note: Your sleeper berths must meet the requirements of Schedule 1 in Part 1 of Division 37 of
the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.

If your drivers rest in a sleeper berth, the same basic HOS rules apply. A single driver may split up off-duty time into two periods, instead of the 8 consecutive hours, as long as:

  • each period=at least 2 hours
  • total off-duty time=at least 10 hours
  • the entire 10 hours are spent resting in the sleeper berth
Drivers cannot combine regular off-duty with off-duty in a sleeper berth to get the split.
Drivers resting in a sleeping berth cannot use deferral if splitting their off-duty time.