What If My Driver Changes Their Schedule Because Of Adverse Driving Conditions Or An Emergency?

  • Your drivers may encounter emergencies, or bad weather on the roads that delay them. Drivers may extend their driving time by up to two hours, as long as driving, on-duty, and elapsed time in the elected cycle is not extended more than two hours.
  • The driver still takes the required eight consecutive hours of off-duty time.
  • Drivers can only do this provided the trip could have been completed under normal conditions.
  • The driver must record the reason for the extension under the “Remarks” section of the log.

Watch the video below to learn about how an electronic onboard recorder helps drivers and carriers in the event of adverse driving conditions.

Tip: A driver can’t use the emergency/adverse conditions to extend a trip that would have taken more time under normal circumstances. This is only for emergencies! Remember: if the weather report has issued snowfall or other bad weather warnings, that weather cannot be considered adverse driving conditions, because it was known in advance.

Do you record hours of service with an automated device?

Your drivers may use an electronic recording device as long as they are able to display their HOS information on request for that day, and the previous 14 days. In fact, as you’ve heard Wayne Dubeau explain, electronic on-board recording devices can save carriers money and keep their drivers safer.