Do You Transport Logs?

truck accident Logging truck drivers that qualify have the option to operate under special hours of service rules. Cycle 1 or Cycle 2 remain options as well.

All truck drivers driving a truck designed exclusively for transporting logs or poles and operating under logging truck hours must keep a log book, even if within 160 km of their home terminal.

Logging Truck Hours:

  • maximum of 13 hours driving in a day
  • no driving after 15 hours of on-duty time or elapsed time
  • consecutive off-duty time before driving again must be nine hours
  • driver can’t defer off-duty time
  • work shift is the total elapsed time between two periods of at least nine consecutive hours of off-duty time
  • note “logging truck hours” in the Remarks section

Logging Truck Cycles:

  • logging truck cycles are seven days
  • must not drive after driving 65 hours in seven days
  • drivers must take 24 consecutive hours off-duty
    once in every seven days
  • must not drive after 80 hours of on duty in seven days
  • you can’t reset the cycle