What is My Carrier Profile?

Think of your Carrier Profile as your safety record. Just as your drivers have driving records, you have an on-road performance record as a carrier. The profile is made up of records from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and ICBC, and other jurisdictions. So if your driver has an accident or gets a ticket in another province, for example, it will also appear on your profile.

  • carrier demographics
  • certificate information — safety rating
  • list of interventions
  • police reported accidents
  • roadside inspections (CVSA)
  • contraventions (violation tickets)
  • commercial vehicle inspection results
  • outstanding notice and orders 1 and 2
  • audit results (if you have been audited)]

NSC points are assigned to contraventions, out-of-service roadside inspections and at fault or fault unknown accidents. The NSC point value varies on the severity of the item.