Activity 1: Understanding a Carrier Profile Report


The report of your Carrier Profile is a tool. It gives you a measurement of your on-road performance through a set of scores. Those scores are taken from the NSC points applied and then compared with other fleets of similar size.

NSC points are assigned to contraventions, out-of-service roadside inspections, and accidents. The points are updated at the beginning of every month. For example, CVSA inspections are transmitted immediately on your carrier profile; however, the NSC points for an inspection that took place on March 18th would not reflect in your score until April 1st. The points then stay on your profile for 12 months.

Your Carrier Profile Report is split into sections. The sections appear only if there is data. For example, if a company did not yet have any CVSA Inspection defects, that section would not appear.


In this activity, you will learn to read the information contained in each section by looking at parts of a sample Carrier Profile Report for A Trucking Company, that began business six months ago. A Trucking Company now has five trucks.

This activity spans several pages. You will move through the sample report section by section. Now move ahead to read about Section 1.