Questions about the Basic Rules

You may have some questions about the basic Hours of Service rules. Click on the following questions to read more about the basic rules.

The start time stays the same through each cycle. You must "reset" a cycle to change the start time.

It's the law. Drivers must select one of two cycles and follow the HOS rules.

It's the law. For more information on fatigue management studies please refer to Transport Canada's website.

They must use the local time at their home terminal when recording time in the daily log.

  • Does your driver drive within a 160 km radius of the home terminal?
  • Do they return to their home terminal each day to start a minimum of 8 consecutive hours of off-duty time?
  • Do you, as the carrier, keep accurate records of the time the driver spends in each duty status, and the cycle?
  • If you answered “yes,” to all three then your drivers are not required to complete a daily log.

It is important to remember that if your drivers routinely drive within a 160 km radius of their home terminal,
but on occasion drive outside of 160 km of their home terminal, they will be required to have a daily log.
The log must account for the previous 14 days on-duty and off-duty time.