Do You Transport Equipment or Materials to or From a Gas or Oil Well?

Oil and gas industry drivers follow the basic HOS rules with these special differences:

  • Intra-provincial carriers or carriers operating under a Federal Hours of Service Permit do not need to follow a cycle.
  • Driver must take at least three periods of off-duty time in any period of 24 days—those periods must be 24 hours
    (consecutive or split by on-duty time).
  • Before beginning to drive under a cycle, driver must take 72 consecutive hours of off-duty time
  • Driver may not defer off-duty time.
  • Cycle hours begin to accumulate once the driver returns to regular driving.

Wait/standby time
If you are waiting at a natural gas or oil well site, and you are not working, you can record it as off-duty time. Include the statement “waiting” or “standby” in the “remarks” section of the log.