Activity 1: Make Your Schedule

Note: If you don’t yet have a truck and are taking this course to prepare for being a carrier, print a copy of this activity, and save it to complete when you have your first vehicle.


  • For each truck that you operate under your NSC Certificate, note the date since last service, and the mileage showing on the odometer.
  • Get out the owner’s manual for the vehicle, and find the maintenance schedule. Make a copy of the maintenance schedule to include in your Vehicle Maintenance binder.
  • What services should have been done so far? What needs to be done?
    The manual may have different recommended schedules depending on how much driving the vehicle will be doing. Pay attention to the schedule that’s right for the hours or kilometers your truck will be driving.
  • What else do you want to add to ensure your trucks are in good working order? Make a list, and add that to the copy of the maintenance schedule from the owner’s manual.
  • Plan when you will carry out the upcoming service (or when you will take the truck to a facility to have the service done). Write these services down on a calendar.
  • Place this calendar in your Vehicle Maintenance binder.
  • Now you’ve written down your maintenance schedule. Repeat this activity periodically!

Tip: You may have regular maintenance that you wish to do on your whole fleet periodically, such as greasing, or testing air brakes. Visit page 5 of the Vehicle Maintenance section of the Safety Plan Guidelines which outlines what—at minimum—should be included on your maintenance check sheets. Write down any additional preventative maintenance that you plan to do on a regular basis.