How Can I Access My Carrier Profile?

The Carrier Profile isn’t started until you are issued a NSC certificate. Once you have an NSC Number, you can access your profile.

The Carrier Profile is an online service. To access some online government services, you need a Business BCeID. To determine if you already have a BCeID, or register for a new BCeID, visit

How to Apply for a BCeID

  • Go to
  • You must register as a Business BCeID account – Carrier Profile Online only accepts Business BCeID.
  • For incorporated companies, societies, municipalities, etc. – make sure your legal name is entered exactly as it appears on your safety certificate.
  • For owner/operators (sole proprietorship) – you can verify your identity at government agents’ offices or the Service Canada office in Kelowna and Vancouver.

Once you have your BCeID, you can log on to the Carrier Profile site. Have your NSC Number handy. You will also need one other number:

  • Are you an owner-operator? Have your driver’s license ready.
  • Are you an incorporated business? Have your seven digit incorporation number ready.

Once you have your Business BCeID, go to the and subscribe to the Carrier Profile Online. You will need to enter your NSC safety certificate number and either your incorporation number or your driver licence number.

If you have everything ready now, you can go to Activity 2: Practice Accessing Your Carrier Profile. If you have not yet received National Safety Code certification, then skip ahead to Interventions.