Activity 2: What to Expect

For the following scenarios, think about the consequence or monitoring action that the carrier can expect to happen, and write down your answer. Then click the answer box to self-check. Close the answer box by clicking on "answer" again. Then continue to the next question.

1. Your driver is stopped along his route for a CVSA roadside inspection. Your driver wasn't aware that they should report defects to you immediately, and they've been driving for a week with the emergency brake not operational. The driver has the inspection records. What do you expect?

Truck would be placed out-of-service and issued a Notice and Order

2.  After driving recklessly, your driver is pulled over by a peace officer who issues two tickets—one for speeding, one for reckless driving. Your driver has already had a few tickets over the past few months. What do you expect?

These violations will show up on your carrier profile. They will add NSC profile points to your safety score, and these points will remain on your profile until one year from the disposition date has passed. (This means the time is counted from the day the ticket goes to court, or gets paid—not from the date the ticket was issued).

3. CVSE invites you to a compliance review after too many accidents appear on your carrier profile. What do you expect?

A compliance review is an informational meeting. You won't get any tickets, but a CVSE officer will help you get your records to where they need to be. Expect to get a chance to turn your safety practices around. And if you don't improve, you can expect the next level of intervention—a quantifiable audit.