Types of Monitoring

There are different types of monitoring by CVSE. It can be random or requested.


CVSA Roadside inspections
As you learned in the Vehicle Maintenance section, CVSE conducts roadside inspections as part of the CVSA program. You learned about the 13 points of inspection in that section, but inspectors will look for a little more.

A check-up into your record keeping
A carrier safety inspector can request to see your repair invoices. You must ensure that your invoices are readily available.

CVIP inspections
An inspector or police officer may issue a Notice and Order at any time to require a vehicle to have a CVIP inspection. (MVAR 25.03(1)) This is an example of requested monitoring.

A carrier requests an audit
A carrier can request to be audited. For example, if they would like to get into the premium safety program. This is an example of requested monitoring.