Interventions are actions taken to improve a situation. If your profile shows you are having safety problems, the National Safety Code office will contact you in stages.

NSC Interventions to Improve a Situation

NSC interventions to improve a situation

Warning Letter
If you have too many violations, out of service notices, or accidents, the NSC office will send you a warning letter.

Safety Plan Self-Assessment
You’ll be asked to make an assessment of your own safety plan if you fail to improve after the warning letter.

Compliance Review
Compliance reviews are educational. You will receive written notification of the compliance review. The letter will inform you of the date, time and location of the compliance review. A Carrier Safety Inspector will review your records, safety plan and record keeping practices with you. After the review, the inspector will develop an action plan that will assist you to gain compliance with the NSC regulations.

Violation tickets are not issued at the time of the compliance review.

NSC Quantifiable Audit
If you are audited, a carrier safety inspector may visit your office or require you to bring your records to another location. The inspector will investigate, record and tally all records related to NSC regulations. If necessary, the inspector will develop an action plan for you to follow. This plan will focus on any safety problems the audit may reveal. The inspector may also give penalties (violation tickets). At the end of the audit, the inspector will give you a report. Note that you may also be contacted for a random audit.

Certificate Cancellation
If you fail to improve, you could have your certificate cancelled. Failure to provide your records during an audit will result in a recommendation for suspension of your safety certificate.